Spring reading seminars 2013

Anyone interested in attending one or more of these seminars, please contact thomas.mountjoy@sosantr.uib.no for more information and assigned reading lists.

April 2013

Monday 8th 1000-1500: “Comparison” Readings – (see Dropbox folder ‘Seminars 2013 #1)

Monday 15th 1000-1200: “Gender and Charisma: Identifying concepts and strategies for comparison” Readings – (see Dropbox folder ‘Seminars 2013’ #2)

Monday 22nd 1000-1200: “Value/values” Readings – (see Dropbox folder ‘Seminars 2013’ #3)

Monday 29th 1000-1200: “Religion, gender and tradition” Readings – (see Dropbox folder ‘Seminars 2013’ #4)

May 2013

Monday 6th 1000-1200: “Politics and Pentecostalism” Readings – (see Dropbox folder ‘Seminars 2013’ #5)

Monday 13th 1000-1200: Sites of newness/transformation/anxiety” – beyond mere reconciliation of tradition/modernity

Monday 20th 1000-1200: TBC

The idea behind these will be to develop the group’s comparative framework for the study of gender and Pentecostalism in Africa and Melanesia. These seminars will be based on specific readings from the gender/Pentecostalism field which the group can critically analyze and debate. One person will chair each seminar, briefly providing an overview of the topic and summary of the readings, followed by discussion. All interested members of staff are welcome to attend.


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