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GenPent Seminar week December 2013

Monday, August 26th, 2013

University of Bergen


“Pentecostalism and gender, Africa and Melanesia compared”


Monday 9th Participants arrive in Bergen


1200-1300 Lunch and welcome – Presentation of GenPent research project – Annelin Eriksen

1300-1500 Presentation – Naomi Haynes, University of Edinburgh – “Rethinking the ‘Gender Paradox’: Domestic Life and Pentecostal Ministry on the Zambian Copperbelt”


Tuesday 10th


1000-1200 Presentation – Thorgeir Kolshus, University of Oslo – “The coming of age of the Clapping Church: Ritualized spontaneity and the gendered division of the labour of worship in north Vanuatu”

1200-1300 Lunch

1300-1500 Presentation – Rodolfo Maggio, University of Manchester – “My wife converted me”: Gender Relations,
Personhood, and Value in Pentecostal households in Solomon Islands”


Wednesday 11th


1000-1200 Presentation and discussion of current research – Ruy Blanes, University of Bergen

1200-1300 Lunch

1300-1500 Presentation and discussion of current research – Michelle MacCarthy, University of Bergen


Thursday 12th


1000-1200 Presentation and discussion of current research – Juliet Gilbert, Oxford University

1200-1300 Lunch

1315-1500 Department Seminar – Naomi Haynes, University of Edinburgh


Friday 13th

Participants depart

New book: Sites and Politics of Religious Diversity in Southern Europe

Monday, August 12th, 2013
In recent years, the Southern borders of Europe have become landmarks for the mediatic and academic verve regarding the migration and diasporas towards and beyond ‘Schengen Europe’. In these debates, religion is acknowledged as playing a central role in the recognition of major societal changes in the continent, being object of political concern and attention: from the recognition of plural forms of Christianity to the debates on a ‘European Islam’. Yet, in this respect, what goes on around the borders of Portugal, Spain, Italy or Greece is still largely uncharted and un-debated. With the contribution of renowned anthropologists, sociologists and religious studies scholars, this book critically presents and discusses case studies on the sites and politics of religious diversity in Southern Europe, including the impact of migrant religiosity in national and EU politics.

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