Gender and Pentecostalism

This project is based on extensive studies in specifically chosen locations in two different regions; one location in Africa and two in Melanesia.

The comparative axis Africa-Melanesia is interesting in the sense that there is a history of anthropological theory development which has tended to transfer ideas on the general level from one region to the other. Early kinship theory for instance was often based on African linage models and then applied on Melanesian ethnography (see Barnes 1962) whereas more recent theoretical development on the concept of gender from Melanesia (Strathern 1988) has been applied to African realties (see Broch Due 1993, Hakansson 1994). This project aims at developing perspectives on how gender structures encounters between established cosmologies and Christian cosmologies through a comparison of concrete ethnography from two different regions.

More theoretical discussion of gender and Pentecostalism from a global perspective will appear here.

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