Bergen Pacific Studies

bspThe Bergen Pacific Studies (BPS) Research Group was formally established in 2005 at the Department of Social Anthropology, University of Bergen, reflecting a growth since the 1990s of research on Oceania in the department and at the Bergen University Museum’s cultural history collections. The close connection between anthropology department and ethnographic museum continues, and is reflected in the BPS group’s research and teaching.

The recent growth of Pacific Studies in the Department of Social Anthropology has the scope and scale of a significant and productive research group, reflecting not only the department’s priorities but also the University of Bergen’s overall strategic focus on development-related research and education with global coverage. In the latter sense, the field of Pacific Studies represents an often interesting corrective to lessons learned from research in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and adds to the scope of global comparison.

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Administered by: University of Bergen, Department of Social Anthropology, PO box: 7802, NO-5020 Bergen,
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